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Community Works (Northumberland) Ltd - Befriending Service

If you feel that you or a friend/family member would benefit from a visit from a befriender, consider the advantages below:

  • Promotes independence amongst those who are elderly/disabled or disadvantaged.
  • Prevents Isolation.
  • Offers advice, support and information signposting to service users.
  • Provides access to hard to reach services.
  • Provides information and support as technology advances confound and “cut off” many elderly and learning disabled individuals.
  • Acts as a first response service to alerting Adult Services and other vital organisations of concerns and problems.
  • Promotes a sense of relief and confidence.
  • Gives peace of mind to family and/or carers
Befriending ServiceIsolation can seriously impact upon a person’s life. Whether this is by having an effect on a person’s mental health or affecting their physical health due to health issues being neglected.

Our staff and volunteers are all fully CRB Checked, trained in the Safeguarding of vulnerable adults and experienced in delivering this service.

A befriender can attend a persons home and offer help and support with day to day queries. More importantly the befriender provides the client with face to face contact, on a regular basis. It is surprising how helpful and important a cup of tea and a chat can be to a person.

Mrs K said “5 years ago after my husband died I was 77 and there was just my 51 year old daughter and I living together to keep each other company. I was distraught to hear that she had cancer and would only be with me for a matter of weeks rather than months or years. After her death I struggled to cope and stayed home a lot which eventually caused me to loose contact with friends. Having no other family members meant that I had no visitors and no reason to leave home other than to shop for groceries. I realized how serious things had become when on Christmas morning last year, knowing I would not be receiving any visitors and that I had no messages, I called my answer machine. I knew there would be a voice saying “you have no new messages”. I listened to the female mechanical voice over and over just to ease the loneliness. It was in the new year that I contacted Community Works about their befriending service and now my befriender visits me regularly which gives me something to prepare for and look forward to. She has put me back in contact with my old friends and enrolled me in a Day Centre. I now talk about my daughter and share fond memories. My life has a purpose again and I look forward to my day or week ahead without any feelings of despair. I am happy again”.

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